Two new files have been added to Fortnite in the V6.31 update for the upcoming snow storm that is set to hit the map.

Epic Games regularly adds new items and elements to the game to match special events or seasons that are taking place in the real world, which left Fortnite fans excited to see what the developers would do for the upcoming holiday season.


The developers previously added new files that confirmed snow would be falling on the Fortnite map this Christmas season, which included new sounds for players who are walking or running on snow-covered areas.

The sound files have been confirmed to be different than those heard when players walk around Viking Village, which is currently covered in snow, indicating that these sound files will be for  areas of the map previously untouched by snow.

FortTory has found two new files to a folder called ‘Fort Effects’, as the map prepares for its upcoming blizzard. One file is labelled ‘Snow-Ambient_Island’, while the other is called ‘SnowFlakes_Simple’. FortTory has also discovered the actual file for a snowflake, giving fans a first look at what the snow will look like when it falls.

The inclusion of the snowflakes file may indicate that the snow will fall as part of an in-game event, with players able to watch as it falls to the ground, blanketing the map in a fresh covering of snow.

A new snowy texture has also been discovered name Curropt Rock Ice, which will likely be used in the new areas affected by the snowstorm, while a new Ice Fog has also been added.

There’s also a new file titled ‘Cold_Breath’, which is likely used when Fortnite characters find themselves in snowy parts of the map to indicate it is cold, with players breathing out fog, which appears to be in use right now, possibly hinting that the map is already beginning to cool down.

While Epic Games have refrained from making any announcements as to when the snow will arrive on the map, eagle-eyed fans have noticed a large cloud heading towards the island from the southern horizon, so the cold snap may take place on Fortnite in the near future.