Two Rift Beacons have activated in Fortnite Battle Royale as players await the brand new v10.30 update – with major changes inbound for two popular spots.

While previous Fortnite seasons have implemented major map changes at the very start and then tweaked a few times throughout, Epic Games have shaken things up with Fortnite Season X – introducing Rift Zones that put new spins on classic areas.

These changes, which we’ve already seen with Tilted Town, Retail Row, and Pandora are usually hinted at in the days leading up to the newest update – with Rift Beacons moving around the battle royale island.

In the build-up to the V10.30 update, which has seemingly been delayed by Epic, these Rift Beacons appeared at Paradise Palms and on the big frozen lake below Polar Peak.

Unlike when a single Beacon was spotted by the indoor soccer stadium, which malfunctioned and spawned the massive crater with its glitched consumables, these new Rift Beacons have now activated in-game. As ever, they have created a light that shoots right to the top of the sky and signals the beginning of the upcoming map changes.

Image via @ImEntoYT
Image via @ImEntoYT

While the previous map shakeups, with the exception of the Borderlands-crossover in the Pandora rift zone, were hinted at in leaked update files, we have a more solid idea of what to expect with these changes. 

Paradise Palms looks set to become Moisty Palms, while the ever-popular Greasy Grove will likely return to its original spot. While Moisty Palms would certainly be a crossover between Paradise and Moisty, just what the rift zone spin on the location will be, remains unknown. 

Image via Epic Games

Just when these changes will come about, however, remains up in the air as Epic has stayed silent on the situation with this week’s update.

Don’t worry, though, because as soon as anything changes, you’ll be able to find what you need right here on Fortnite Intel.