Players were able to find a bug where the Star Wand and AC/DC pickaxes would deal inconsistent damage to players and buildings in the v10.30 update, and Epic has responded by disabling them completely.

Fortnite pickaxes are another type of cosmetic that players can use to express their personality. Cosmetics can be earned by completing missions, unlocking Battle Pass tiers, or purchasing them through the Item Shop.

While Pickaxes are typically used to collect mats, they can also be used as a weapon to finish off an enemy or to wildly wack away when you have no gun. Pickaxes deal 20 damage to players and 50 max to collect materials.

One Fortnite leaker, HypeX, was the first to report that two Battle Royale pickaxes were dealing more damage than they are supposed to.

The Star Wand was reportedly dealing the following damage:

  • 56 player body damage
  • 86 player headshot damage
  • 80 building damage

Epic did not specifically say why the two Pickaxes were removed, but we can guess that it’s because of HypeX’s post. The leaker also tagged Epic’s Eric Williamson who is a design lead for Fortnite, so that could have played a part in the pickaxe’s temporary removal.

There hasn’t been an announcement on why the AC/DC Pickaxe was removed along with the Star Wand, so we think that the Season 2 pickaxe was suffering from the same bug as the Star Wand.

Epic Games claim that the two Pickaxes will return with the next update, v10.40 which is slated to release around Tuesday, September 17.

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