The twelfth Celebrity Pro-Am wave of duos is here as the reveal process for the Summer Block Party winds down. The hype of the event intensifies as we draw closer to the two days of Fortnite fun!

The next Celebrity Pro-Am will be held in Inglewood, CA as part of the Summer Block Party festivites. The event date is set to June 16th as 100 competitors will compete for prizes.

Viewers can learn how to best watch the Fortnite Summer Block Party using our handy viewer’s guide. You can also travel to the event to watch the event in-person as long as you purchase a ticket (more info below).

Twelfth Pro-Am Duo Wave

As of today’s twelfth wave, there are now 47 confirmed duos for the next Pro-Am event. You can see a full list of the these contenders in our Power Rankings article.

Today’s reveal wave is a little bit smaller than the others because Epic wants to do one more reveal (maybe a major actor or celebrity). There are still three duos to fill out the 50 team, 25v25 brackets.

  • Coa + DoHyeon Kin
  • FPX_Sad + Matt Judan
  • Actionjaxon + Damarious Randall

Remember, you can attend the Summer Block Party and see the Celebrity Pro-Am live from on-site. You can purchase tickets for the events, but be quick as the seats are getting swept up.

For those interested in more information about the Summer Block Party and how to get tickets, see below.

What is the Fortnite Summer Block Party?


Summer’s biggest (Fortnite) party! – via Epic Games

The Fortnite Summer Block Party takes place on June 15th-16th and you can purchase tickets for the event.

Tickets can be purchased here: Summer Block Party tickets

Epic Games has released additional information about the event and how to get tickets on their blog post.

Via Epic Games –

‘Introducing the Fortnite Summer Block Party – a two-day event at the Forum in Inglewood, California celebrating the Fortnite community along with some of your favorite creators and celebrities, like Ninja, Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, Dillon Francis, Kitty Plays, Cray and Jordan Fisher.

On Saturday, June 15, watch celebrities and your favorite streamers battle it out in the first ever Creative tournament! Eight teams of four will be fighting for fame on a new player-made game, designed specially for this event.

On Sunday, June 16, the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am returns! Find out which team will take home the Victory Royale, LIVE.

Tickets to attend the Summer Block Party go on sale soon and start at $35. That’ll get you access to both days of activities, including the Fortnite Fan Festival! Pre-register for a chance to purchase tickets to Summer Block Party! To pre-register, visit Fortnite’s Ticketmaster Verified Fan website, enter your information, and when tickets go on-sale you’ll be among the first to be notified. The Ticketmaster Verified Fan program helps us keep scalpers and bots out of the ticketing process to better ensure more Fortnite fans can attend.

Meet more than 20 of your favorite Fortnite characters including Peely, Fishstick, and Brite Bomber. Glide on the island’s ziplines, visit the Pirate Ship, or play a round of Fortnite Mini Golf. Get your fill at the Durr Burger, Pizza Pete’s, Sofdeez Ice Cream Shop and other in-game eateries brought to life. You can even complete a real-world Battle Pass to earn collectible swag.

Can’t make it in person? Don’t worry. We’ll be streaming both days on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and more, so you can watch from the comfort of your favorite drop point.

We’ll have more details to share over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our social channels for more information.’

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