Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event continues to roll on with one weapon being unvaulted every 24 hours. July 6 saw the temporary unvaulting of the tactical submachine gun.

So far there have been 11 different weapons that have been temporarily unvaulted for 14 Days of Summer.

July 5’s unvaulted weapon, the Double Barrel Shotgun, definitely added a powerful punch to Fortnite’s meta.

On July 6, the tactical submachine gun was unvaulted for players to use across Fortnite Battle Royale.


Tac Submachine Gun

The tactical submachine gun was released back in patch v1.6.3, but was eventually vaulted in Season 5 to make room for new weapon variants.

For July 6, the weapon will be available in Epic, Rare, and Uncommon rarities.

This weapon is perfect for destroying player builds, or melting enemies through walls.

Players tend to use the tac submachine gun due to it’s fire rate and magazine size. Pairing the tac submachine gun with the drum gun would create a never-ending stream of bullets, which would certainly overwhelm any enemy.

14 Days of Summer Challenges

14 days of summer means 14 days of challenges.

With the event ending on Monday, July 8, now might be a good time to start completing the challenges.

Here’s a list of the currently available 14 Days of Summer challenges:

Each challenge unlocks an event-exclusive reward so be sure to complete them all!

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