Most of the attention surrounding Fortnite Creative has been around the maps and structures built, but game modes in creative also have a lot to offer

One of those modes is Turtle Wars. This mode places all players in a closed room and gives each one a shotgun, an AR and a Deagle or SMG.

The mode is aimed at helping players with quick edits and landing close range shotgun shots.

Soon after the start, the box is filled with walls and ramps. Players must navigate the chaos to land close range shotgun shots.

Here’s YouTuber itsJerian showing what a Turtle War looks like:

One of the hardest things to practice in Fortnite is close quarters combat, and it’s also one of the most crucial skills.

While aiming maps have been popping up to help players be precise, nothing quite replicates anticipating another players movement.

This mode is also great for improving editing in the heat of the moment.

To join a Turtle War Discord servers have been set up.

One of the main ones is hosted by Fortnite Pro League and can be accessed through their website.

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