When vehicles were first introduced they were met with a pretty positive reception, since then, they have become a sore point for parts of the community.

Most people who are playing Fortnite for fun still enjoy the strong and unique vehicles that have been introduced in recent seasons.

But these vehicles have been causing a lot of issues in professional play.

With $40 million on the line in the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, it is valid for the pro players to want to try to improve the competitive side of the game before that begins.

Esports journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau sums up the valid reasons why pros are unhappy with the current state of the game. End games created by The Baller aren’t fun and take out a lot of the skills these players have been practicing:

While some portion of the pro player base will always complain, that end-game above can’t be what Epic is envisioning during the esports tournament with the most prize money ever.

TSM’s Myth thinks that vehicles are the problem and he wants Fortnite to roll back to the game’s roots by leaving only one vehicle in the game.

The primary response to his tweet came from gaming YouTuber WILDCAT who has drawn a line in the sand with pros complaints at The Baller.

I would normally say this is a complicated problem with no clear solution, but that just doesn’t seem true at this point.

Casual players like having fun unique vehicles but they ruin late game in competitive lobbies with strong players, so the simple solution is to remove them from the game during competitive Fortnite events.

Arena Mode, Pop-Up Cups, Gauntlet, all of those modes Fortnite could just simply remove The Baller from. Having two separate set lists of items could easily improve both modes and make both player bases happy.

Right now, Epic is trying to do a balancing act of keeping two different groups who want something different out of the game, happy all of the time.

For other games, I would say that having two set lists would increase bandwidth, but Fortnite introduces LTM’s with new item sets all the time, so it doesn’t seem like this should be a problem for them.

Until Epic tries this simple solution, the pro’s complaints will feel valid as the clip above does not look like an esport, much less one of the most prominent esports nearing the largest tournament of all time.

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