While Epic Games’ Fortnite rose to quickly popularity due to its great marketing and excellent initial design, the cracks have been showing in the past few patches. TSM ZexRow experienced one such crack this weekend.


No one can expect any studio to create a perfect game, but we all expect a game’s general gameplay to improve over time. Epic Games rose to the front by providing fast content releases, but we believe they should now slow down.

The problems, bug, and glitches present in Fortnite continue to grow and conflict with the gameplay of both casual and competitive players.

TSM ZexRow destroyed by ghostly shotgun

If you’ve played Fortnite for a while, you’ll have had a few “ghost” hits in the past.

This can mean two things in terms of Fortnite bugs. One, you shoot and get a hitmarker, but no damage is done. Two, you shoot, clearly hitting the other player, but nothing happens.

The latter happened to TSM ZexRow as he competed in the Fortnite World Cup Solos Qualifier of Week 1.

ZexRow dying to Lil Ghost Pump – World Cup Solo Qualifiers from r/FortniteCompetitive

The editing by ‘hot’ is superb in showing just how absurd this bug is. Keep in mind that is using the server replays released by Epic Games for the event. This means we are getting a view at what the server sees.

What the…seriously? How did that happen?

The server registers that ZexRow pulls the trigger, playing the blast animation, and the alpha texture of the blast even hits the opposing player! But, inexplicably, the damage of the attack is not carried over.

Ethereal Shotgun Blasts still in Fortnite… – via Epic Games

This results in the ‘Lil Ghost Pump’ meme. The bullets themselves are ghosts and cannot hit objects on our plane of existence!

To further add to the frustration, the game registers all of the downsides and forces ZexRow into the shotgun delay…even though his shot disappeared.

We don’t know exactly what is going now with the code in this situation, but one thing is certain…this is unacceptable. Fortnite is the high grossing game by a long margin and now boasts a massive eSports budget, yet bugs like this still exist in the game.

Epic Games should have addressed these issues before the Fortnite World Cup and should switch all gears to ensure that bugs/other issues are resolved before any other content releases.