The Duos portion of ESL Katowice Royale got a little heated.

On March 3, the final day of the tournament, TSM Zexrow tweeted out that AimHero_o, a member of a Korean Duos team, was griefing him and his partner, TSM Vinny1x, by landing at Viking.

Several matches in a row the two teams battled it out and were oftentimes also attacked by a third-party team.

ZexRow and Vinny ended up taking third in the tournament overall while AimHero_o’s team finished 40th.

After the tournament was over AimHero_o tried to defend himself on Twitter and talk through his strategy.

AimHero_o explained in depth his thought process on where he landed and iterated he never snipes other players’ landings.

If you didn’t watch the tournament live for yourself then a lot of this might just sound like whining by ZexRow.

However, if you take a look at this video it does look like ZexRow might have a point as his team had prolonged fights with AimHero pretty often.

Several players and fans came to the defense of AimHero, arguing he is playing against players he has never gone against before.

What are your thoughts on what took place during ESL Katowice Royale? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I completely agree with Sak0ner. People need to stop hating on Aimhero, what he did was not against the rules and there is no reason for ZexRow to get mad. They placed better anyways, so they are the better players that’s it. Ggs to Aimhero for being so nice and understanding about it, and not starting beef.

  2. They realized they were not going to win after day 1.. so they purposely switched to a landing area with a top American team after researching vods. They landed on a team they knew was one of the best out there… knowing it would all but ruin their chances of even making it into the money… but did it anyways to take a shot at one of the top teams.

    Think about what you would do if you had a bad day1 and wanted to improve your play and have a chance of a higher finish… would you choose to land on one of the top teams?
    Really scumbag move by aimhero imo.


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