TSM Myth, a professional Fortnite streamer, recently weighed in on the looting situation of Fortnite’s chests.

The chests in Fortnite currently have a massive loot table which contains nearly every unvaulted item within patch 8.01. This ranges from great weapons like the Suppressed Assualt Rifles to absolute disasters like the grey Assault Rifles.

The differences in loot performance based on rarity is quite massive in Fortnite due to the bloom of weapons.

Grey Assault rifle and SMGs output very few bullets before reaching unreasonable bloom levels for medium-long range combat.

TSM Myth recently weighed in the situation and asked for Epic Games to remove grey quality loot from Chests completely. The grey loot is essentially meant as a last resort/only if nothing else in available option.

Finding chests and having them drop the worst loot in the game can be frustrating. The higher the level of play, the more important such features become.

Grey items have about a 40-45% chance of appearing in loot from chests for applicable gun types. Grey ARs are the most common in Season 8.

Myth plays the game on a professional level and having RNG decide matches can be maddening in casuals and truly heart-breaking in competitive matches.

The change would further help change the game’s over-focus on RNG to a more predictable and skill-based experience.

Similar changes have come in the addition of Treasure Maps, vaulted items, and reduced maximum building materials. All of these changes help to create a more even playing field for all players and allow skillful players to triumph more often.

Other solutions include removing grey weapons from all loot spawns or buffing their effectiveness in comparison to green and above weapon rarities.

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