The official Trios esports event fast approaches as players scramble to find suitable teammates for the occasion. Epic Games has confirmed the tourney to be a prized event, which may make you question Myth’s choices, Greekgodx & xQc.

Competitive Fortnite can be a weird sport at times. The mixture of publicity driven shows, serious esports competition, little practice, and epic competitive mishaps has led to some awkward trends.

The Trios tournament arrives on July 13th-14th and many players are forming formidable teams with deadly pro players. Myth, a respectable player in his own right, seems to be playing a different angle with teammate choices.

Greekgodx & xQc join Myth for Trios tourney

TSM’s Myth has chosen to partner up with two of Twitch’s controversial all-stars for the Trios event. Greekgodx and xQc both get thousands of viewers on their streams and have built up unique personalities around their communities.

xQc representing Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup

The pair are not Fortnite pros and have not competed in Fortnite to any serious extent. However, xQc is a former Overwatch professional before being suspended from the league due to inappropriate comments. After spending some time away from the Overwatch scene, xQc now plays under the Sentinels & Gladiators Legion organizations as a influencer.

While he may not be a Fortnite expert, the esports background should sync well with Myth’s own competitive mindset.

Greedgodx, Twitch streamer & meme savant -via Reddit

Greekgodx does not come from a competitive background at all. The streamer came to fame as a ‘stream-sniper’ as Twitch rose to popularity. After gaining a significant following through a friendship with loltyler1, he began a stream of his own. While a gamer at heart, Greek spends a fair amount of time running IRL streams.

Due to his Twitch fame and lack of competitive experience, the choice suggest Myth is not taking the Trios tournament extremely seriously. The stream of the event will certainly draw in a lot of the views for the trio, but victory might slip them by as other pros form solid competitive rosters.

But, who knows? We’ve seen greater upsets in Fortnite’s past and xQc’s Overwatch skills might translate well to Fortnite’s fast paced play. Greek’s definitely a wild card when it comes to Twitch culture, so perhaps he can bring that unpredictable nature to Fortnite as well.

The unconventional picks could also be a protest from Myth for the minimal available practice. Epic Games confirmed that Arena for Trios will not arrive until after the tournament. Other than difficult Customs setups (in Squads games), practice will be hard to come by.

We’re looking forward to the first esports Trios tourney with bated breath. It’ll be an important moment in Fortnite’s competitive path for the future.

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