Top streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani has sent a message to Epic Games over their supposed ‘philosophy’ for Fortnite Battle Royale, and the BRUTE mechs.

Myth is one of the most talented players in Fortnite, but the existence of the powerful BRUTE mechs are making it difficult for him to show off that talent.

With their ability to destroy entire builds in mere seconds, skilled and competitive players like Myth are unhappy with the BRUTE’s addition to the game, and even unhappier with Epic’s response to the criticism.

The BRUTE mech was added at the start of Season 10

Epic explained that their philosophy was to help newer players get the feeling of a victory royale – even if it meant giving them an objectively easier way to do it.

In their post, the showed bar graphs highlighting that while new players had been getting more wins, the mechs are only getting around six eliminations a match, and skilled players are getting the same kills.

Myth explains that Epic is too “data driven, without actually applying any context to their data.”

Myth goes on to mock the developers and their reliance on data, “According to my data, the mechs actually only seem to be eliminating 6% of the squad lobbies.

“So statistically speaking, we’re keeping them in the game and go f*** yourself,” the streamer concludes, reflecting how he feels treated by Epic.

And while Myth is being somewhat tongue-in-cheek, he’s not wrong to suggest that Epic’s decision was based almost entirely on their statistical date, as if it where based on player feedback, mechs would undoubtedly have been removed by now.

With over half of Season X remaining, the big concern for many players is just how long Epic is willing to hold on to this philosophy, and keep the mechs around.