Myth, popular streamer and professional Fortnite player for TSM, has voiced his displeasure with the timing of the Winter Royale tournament.

Fortnite’s Winter Royale is the first open tournament for cash hosted by Epic Games and has a prize pool of one million dollars.

Unfortunately, the qualifiers for the Winter Royale also happen to have occurred during the American Thanksgiving long weekend.

After having to stop playing in the qualifying matches to have dinner with his family, Myth quoted his teammate and friend, Daequan, and said, “THIS GAME TRAAAAAAASH”.

Many people sided with Epic Games saying that American Thanksgiving was on Thursday the 22nd, while the qualifiers took place on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th.

However, many people spend the entire weekend with their families. Myth didn’t have his usual setup either being at his Mother’s house and had to run out and buy a new monitor.

Myth wasn’t the only one to voice his displeasure with the timing. SirD of 100 Thieves also lost out on qualifying time due to traveling back to college.

Myth, in the end, was able to qualify for the next round of the Winter Royale, placing 127th out of 200 players.

Many other popular and professional players did not qualify for the tournament including Faze Tfue, SypherPK, and Nate Hill.

The EU finals for the Winter Royale begin on November 30th, while NA players will have to wait until December 11th.

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