The v8.10 vehicle, the Baller, quickly became an extremely polarizing new addition. TSM Myth and Nickmercs recently had a bit of a Twitter brawl over its over-powering presence on the game.

The Baller is one of those things you either hate or love. There doesn’t really seem to be anybody left in the middle ground.

Casual players don’t generally find the vehicle to be too bothersome due to low player numbers in late game. Competitive players despise the Baller due to massive clownish fiestas in 20-30 players end-game fights.

With that said, the planes of Season 7 were an even bigger issue for competitive Fortnite. The vehicle destroyed any attempt at effective build fighting, traveled too quickly, and allowed for too many mistakes.

TSM Myth and Nickmercs got into a little bit of fight over which one was worse when Myth tweeted out this tweet on Monday, March 25th.

Myth obviously isn’t happy that Epic decided that the Planes, which competitive most players decided were against the core feel of Fortnite, needed a replacement.

Nickmercs, while agreeing that the Baller is noncompetitive, hit back at Myth in a series of tweets. The conflict didn’t get overly aggressive thankfully, but both of them seemed to miss the point of the argument.

So, even though they are having a fight of a kind, they are actually on the same side. The only thing that is missing is a proper solution.

We think that is probably is not the fault of either Nickmercs or TSM. Nor do we think it is the fault of the perceived “casual vs. competitive” conflict that seems to be getting stirred by unsavory members of the community.

The Baller – via Epic Games

We think the core of the issue is Epic’s failure to truly take a hard look at competitive Fortnite and accept that many of their more casual ideas will never work properly in fair-play, competitive setting. This should be a completely acceptable conclusion, not a commendation of their game design skill.

Epic is taking steps to separate and better divide the casual and competitive communities with the release of a permanent ranked mode in v8.20.

However, to truly solve these issues for good, we argue that Epic should implement a specific competitive ruleset for competitive players.

This would allow casual players to continue playing the game as they want and give competitive the proper leveling playing field it deserves with skill mattering above all other factors.

With this split, Epic could make major changes to loot, vehicles, and more without effecting/angering the base game community.

What do you think? Tell us whether you are a casual or competitive player and what you would like to see done about these game issues.

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