One of the main complaints about Fortnite Battle Royale right now is the shotguns, and how they can be balanced so they aren’t overpowered or in some cases underpowered.

TSM Daequan, a large streamer and e-sports gamer known for playing Fortnite Battle Royale for the team TSM, has recently took to Twitter to voice his issues with the new Double-Barrel shotgun item and its comparison with other shotguns in the game.

Firstly, he complains about the Double-Barrel shotgun being a great weapon, but making the shotgun delay to prevent double pumping almost useless. Double pumping used to be a meta where players would have two pump shotguns and fire them one after the other to fire lots of bullets a second.

Fortnite added a delay when switching between shotguns to block this, but then the Double-Barrel shotgun came and using it is almost better than what double pumping’s effect used to be. Daequan complains about this – citing the fact that “winning close range = whoever finds dbl barrel”.

So, Daequan suggested some ways on Twitter to balance all the shotguns in Fortnite – of course, no idea is without its flaws, but these are some good ones.

He suggests removing the shotgun delay but keeping it exclusively on the Double-Barrel shotgun to prevent that fiasco, and then leaving the other shotguns at their current damage and reload statistics to make it fair.

However, if that doesn’t work – another alternative is to make the other shotguns the same power as the Double-Barrel Shotgun without making it useless.

What do you think? What ways could Epic Games balance the shotguns in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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