We know Season X has been a bad experience for Fortnite, but TSM Daequan’s troubling poll results put it all into prespective.

Epic Games has made bad decisions for their battle royale in the past, but many of these problems have blown over in time. For example, the siphon changes and the addition of Baller didn’t heavily impact the long term success of the game. This ability to deflect controversy may be slowly wearing off however.

TSM Daequn conducted a simple Twitter poll to gauge the community’s enjoyment of Fortnite. The results should not only shock Epic into action, but also make them realize that they can’t just do whatever they please.

Community poll shows majority don’t enjoy Fortnite

The BRUTE mech combined with Fiends and other questionable decisions from Epic have led to a toxic environment. In-game interactions no longer feel like they require even the slightest skill as a mech comes plowing through in no time.

While it’s easy for us to speculate about the impact of such a fail, TSM Daequan wanted real data to help everyone back up the outrage. Epic Games may be defending the BRUTE and Season X changes at the moment, but we expect that these types of polls might sway their opinion.

TSM Daequan wanted to the keep the poll as simple and as fair as possible. Instead of just ‘yes’ and ‘no’, he included the ‘Nothing else to play so…’ option to allow hardcore fans to show their undying support for the game even through tough times.

Less than a quarter, 24%, said that they enjoy playing Fortnite during Season X. That’s an abysmally low approval rating. The poll had a final tally of 145,962 votes which means only around 35,000 said they like playing the game anymore. Keep in my that the people voting are fans of Daeqaun and Fortnite.

BRUTE mech getting ready to blast Fortnite’s popularity into oblivion

Moving on, the results get worse and worse. An alarming 42% (around 61,300 votes) said, unequivocally, that they no longer enjoy the game. We’d argue that when a poll with a gigantic sample size shows strict disapproval nearing 45 or 50 percent…it’s time to do something as the game developer.

Lastly, 34% (around 49,600 votes) said that they don’t enjoy the game, but only play because there is nothing else. To us, this shows an avid fanbase that’s hungry to love the game. However, they are fed up with Epic’s changes and inaction.

What should Epic Games do in response?

Just vault it already…

It appears as if Epic Games doesn’t take anything the community says very seriously even when it threatens their bottom line. We understand that Fortnite has a massive following and many of these players don’t actively participate in the online community. Still, it’s hard to see how Epic can just continue to ignore the issue.

In the poll, those 32% who said there’s ‘nothing else to play’ simply have not yet discovered other franchises. The industry has plenty of battle royale competitors and even more competitors in other genres. If Epic’s not careful, players may begin to migrate to games with no connection to Fortnite.

Call of Duty, Apex Legends, PUBG, League of Legends, and more sport sizable communities and shouldn’t be dismissed as viable games for these players to leave for. The free titles are obviously the biggest threats.

So, what should Epic Games do in response to these polls and rants against their decisions? Well, as hard as it would be, they should cave to the pressure.

Game design isn’t an easy art and requires hundreds of dedicated workers. With that said, a great studio realizes its mistakes and learns from them. The incredible success of Fortnite shouldn’t be taken for granted by the studio. Their smart decision making and unrivaled community support catapulted them to the top. Acting in reverse could have the exact opposite effect.

Of course, we can’t say what’s going on internally at Epic. Hopefully they realize that the BRUTE truly is tearing apart the community they’ve worked so hard to build before it’s too late.