The Trios LTM launched similarly to other alternate modes, but got a roaring applause from both casual and competitive community members. Unfortunately, Trios Arena will have to wait until after the first tournament.

Fortnite has been notorious for the difficulty to obtain proper practice for esports events. Arena & Customs have helped to some degree, but there is still work to be done before Epic can seal that chapter.

Trios will be returning in a big way with the first esports Trios tourney, but practice for the mode will be nearly impossible. Arena for Trios won’t arrive for awhile yet.

Trios Arena arriving after first tourney

Before Arena was introduced, practice for esports events was extremely hard to come by. Only major streamers could setup decent Customs with viewers and other pros.

As of now, it appears that Epic will repeat that era with Trios. Epic Games is heading for a two-week vacation and the Trios tourney will take place right after it on July 13th-14th.

Logically, this means that Epic will not be able to setup a Trio Arena mode in time. This was confirmed in a DM from producer Loomin.

No Trios Arena confirmed

The flip side of this bad news is the essential confirmation that Trios Arena will arrive at some point. Epic Games looks to be committed to expanding Fortnite esports into larger squad modes.

The addition could be a massive boon to the game’s esports scene and allow for more solid organizational teams.

Trios presents an excellent middle ground for combat. The mode increases team play potential, reduces third-partying (due to less unique teams), and promotes individual skill against bigger odds.

Squads was excluded from Fortnite esports due to the hectic end-games and chaotic combat. Trios keeps the pace and scale of fights large without causing the game to get out of hand. We’re very excited to see the mode in competitive play, but it’ll be amongst unpracticed teams and players.

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