Update: Epic Games has replied to a report of the bug on the FortniteBR ‘Known Bugs’ Reddit page.

Epic Games has stated the bug is known by them and they are working on a fix to the issue as we speak. The bug should be fixed soon and the game’s trap will return to their normal form. No word on other possible changes to traps for other non-core modes.

They also provided a short workaround solution until the problem can be fixed. If you use the trap to auto-build the wall, you can still get the trap to place normally. This naturally does not help if the wall has already been built by the enemy.

Here is Epic’s full statement from the Reddit reply:

via FortniteBR Reddit

Original Story:

It seems that trap changes in v8.20 for Fortnite have caused a bug to crop up surrounding the item. Epic Games has yet to issue a statement on the issue and whether this is a feature or a glitch.

Traps in Fortnite have gone through a lot of iterations and bugs from complete re-hauls to minor changes.

The v8.20 patch for Fortnite included some minor bug fixes to how traps inflict damage to Ballers and how traps have been able to sink into thicker material/objects for long time.

These fixes are great and make for a more logical gameplay flow with the trap, but it seems that Epic might have made a mistake. The traps’ damage behavior has now changed. You can see the change in action from this video from popular Youtuber ‘Wildcat.’

We’re not totally sure if this is truly a bug, however. A fairly loud sub-section of players have been calling for changes to the spam-able nature of traps and how easy it can be to use them to kill opponents without the need to out-gun or out-build.

Fortnite is, at its core, a casual experience and the mechanic of being able to place traps inside a ramped 1×1 didn’t really present too much of a problem in general gameplay. Casual players have wildly differing level of gameplay skill and so the mechanic rarely was abused.

Now, the traps cannot be placed on the side-walls of a 1×1 which contains a ramp. You can still place it on the roof or the floor just fine. It seems like a balance patch, but due to no mention in the patch notes…it’s likely a bug nonetheless.

A player can now prevent being trapped by building a ramp inside of their 1×1. Wildcat also showed that editing the ramp into a half-ramp will allow for the trap to be placed.

The Classic Fortnite Trap – via Epic Games

While Wildcat was personally unhappy with that change, we don’t feel that its such a one-sided story.

Epic Games may have forgotten to add this change to the patch notes and intended the change to be pushed to live servers with v8.20. The change makes it harder to use Traps correctly and gives players a chance to counter them from within 1×1 structures.

However, if this is indeed a bug, then it could be a happen accident in terms of game balancing. It may be fun to remove players from the game using a high damage, non-aimed damage application, but the only counter generally was to run away if you suspected a trap-play.

There is a flip-side to that. Players who tend to ‘camp’ inside 1×1 structures may have been granted a buff due to this bug. Explosives, concentrated fire, and wall replacement edits will still clear out campers quickly, but Traps will be a little harder to land.

You can still place Traps down to damage people inside 1×1 structures by simply placing the trap on the floor OR destroy the ramp and then place the trap. An additional trap will not destroy or prevent the trap from triggering.

We await word from Epic about whether this change is intended or not. Tell us what you think about the dynamic in the comments.

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