Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite kicked back up on May 31 with popular rapper Tory Lanez participating, but some players started to believe that he was not playing.

Friday Fortnite was the biggest Fortnite Battle Royale esport event in 2018 until Epic Games announced their $100 million Fortnite esports intuitive including the World Cup.

Thanks to FaZe Clan, Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite is back after FaZe Banks donated the $60,000 earned from Tfue due to the lawsuit controversy.

Tory Lanez and Friday Fortnite

Rapper Tory Lanez was invited to participate in Friday Fortnite and ripped through the ladder.

Some other players like Ghost Gaming’s Aydan and 100 Thieves’ Elevate believed that Tory Lanez was not playing and somebody else was behind the account.

Tory Lanez streamed on Twitch, but did not have a microphone or camera which lined up with the belief that he was not playing.

He later posted a Twitter video directed to Luminosity’s SypherPK, who would take on Lanez’ spot in the tournament after he stepped aside.

The video included the rapper saying, “…Are mad because I just bodied a bunch of y’all in Fortnite? I’m a rapper and you are mad I bodied you?”

Tory Lanez continued with, “Sypher, you can have the next game, bro. You [are a part of] Luminosity, I’ll only give it to you because I don’t have time to play with these geek ass dweebs.”

Lanez is an investor in Luminosity Gaming and decided to hand off the crown to SypherPK and his partner.

The drama behind Tory Lanez and the suspicious community certainly didn’t affect viewership as Dexerto reported that May 31’s Friday Fortnite earned over 10 million unique viewers.

It was NRG Esports’ young duo of Benjyfish and MrSavage that walked away winners of the $20,000 Friday Fortnite event.

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    • God damn kids. Lol he aint even a wack rapper. Hes been putting out steady mixtapes for yearssssss before he gained worldwide fame n the nigga isnt even a mumble rapper :/


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