Fortnite’s constant map changes are what keep the game feeling fresh, but sometimes people’s favorite drop spots are destroyed in the process.

Everyone who has played Fortnite for multiple seasons has probably lost a beloved spot, but some really stand out.

These are the top five Fortnite locations that no longer exist.

First, a couple of ground rules. I didn’t choose any over the frozen over locations in Season 7, because for all we know they may be coming back when the snow melts. So there’s no Greasy Grove or Flush Factory on this list. This was a list for some of the OG locations so that’s where I put my focus.

#5 Soccer Stadium

When the World Cup kicked off a random soccer stadium appeared just north of Pleasant Park. It had the shortest length of any location ever in Fortnite and was introduced in Season 4 and removed in Season 5. Another weird thing about the soccer field was that it didn’t disappear with any sort of in-game event like most other changes, it just was there one day and was gone the next.

The stadium was nice because it held some really solid loot and just felt like a fun location. The stadium was nice because it allowed players to drop right behind Pleasant and rotate right behind the people leaving the park and heading to the circle. 

#4 Anarchy Acres

A poor man’s Fatal Fields, Anarchy was the second farm on the original Fortnite map and the less popular one. Anarchy was recognizable by the massive barn, farmhouse, and two large silos. The loot was generally pretty good, but there was almost always a decent amount of competition.

At the end of Season 4, a thruster from the rocket ship broke off and landed on Anarchy destroying the farmhouse. It was replaced by Lazy Links which isn’t much better loot wise but at least provides some diversity across the map.

#3 Dusty Depot

This may feel like a high ranking for what is probably Fortnite’s most famously removed location. The three giant warehouses are a staple of the game and many clips came from the locations in Fortnite’s early days. The reason it’s so high is simple: the loot kinda sucked. Landing there almost never felt good because there was little cover and relatively little loot.

The other major issue with Dusty was its location. Dusty was situated almost in the dead middle of the map and surrounded by better loot in Tilted, Salty, Retail, and Tomato. That meant players had to be on the lookout from basically any location around them and were easily snuck up on.

With the change to Dusty Divot in Season 4, the loot improved but so did the sight lines as players could take cover in the crater and not have to worry nearly as much about being sniped from rotating players.

#2 Moisty Mire / Prison

I combined these two locations because they often came as a package deal. While Prison was a popular drop spot in its own right, almost anybody dropping in Moisty would next move on to Prison. This combo was replaced by a desert area with Paradise Palms as the main attraction in Season 5.

The Moisty / Prison combo was amazing because Moisty held almost unlimited amounts of wood and usually some decent loot with little competition. After hitting the prison a squad could be totally set up with solid loot and plenty of mats before heading inland.

While the desert location is unique, so were Moisty and Prison. Plus the OG duo provided better loot than the desert location does now.

#1 Factory

No, not Flush, the other Factory. The unnamed drop spot near Dusty Depot was many OG players favorite spot. The Factory was honestly stacked with loot. It was absolutely the most loaded spot that didn’t have a name.

Part of its allure was the fact that it was unnamed, so you had to be sorta in-the-know to recognize factory as the amazing landing spot it was. Rumors that the beloved factories would be rebuilt have been common and the appearance of a group of trucks near the spot in Season 5 caused a lot of hype. Unfortunately, the trucks came to nothing and the spot is still barren.

If any Fortnite location came back, I think most people would root for the factory, if only for the nostalgia factor.


What locations do you miss the most? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll add the most popular response as an honorable mention.