One of the most reputable Fortnite leakers in the community, Lucas7Yoshi, dropped new information on June 19 which revealed five brand new LTMs headed to the game.

Fortnite v9.30 released on June 18 which included map changes, the removal of the Boom Bow, and more.

Data miners dig into the new set of files each week in order to find information on upcoming content headed to Fortnite.

Lucas7Yoshi is one of the top leakers in the community as most of his information turns to be true.

On June 19, he posted information on five new LTMs which should be entering the Fortnite rotation soon.

New LTMs

The Fortnite data miner dropped several tweets announcing that five new LTMs were found within Fortnite’s files.

  • “Leave None Behind”
  • “Heavy Metal”
  • “Team Rumble: Siphon”
  • “Rumble”
  • “Power Up”

The “Leave None Behind” LTM will feature all players being able to use the “Slurp Effect”, which will grant health and shields over time. If players are knocked down, they will be able to heal over time.

“Heavy Metal” will only have Heavy weapons available, which can be found in loot boxes around the Fortnite map.

“Team Rumble: Siphon” will be similar to the current Team Rumble LTM, except players will gain 50 health or shield. We expect this mode to be packed since Epic removed the siphon mechanic.

The “Rumble” LTM has a description of, “Fight alone for the Victory Royale in an action-packed mode where the first player to get the target number of eliminations wins!”

Last but not least is the “Power UP” LTM which will be played in two phases. The first phase will focus on collecting weapons and shield. The second phase will turn respawning off while the remaining players fight to be the last standing.

Epic Games like to test different game play mechanics and styles in Fortnite LTMs. LTMs are also a great way to relax and get away from the stress of Arena or solo.

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