Fortnite has millions of fans across the world who love to share their concept ideas on what new cosmetics or items should be added to the game, and we have created a list of our favorites.

YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit are full of concept creations submitted by Fortnite fans of all ages.

Some people enjoy showing off their artistic abilities with hand drawings while others share their cosmetics ideas that would look awesome in-game.

Epic Games staff often browses the FortniteBR subreddit and has even chosen a young fan’s creation to be added into the game.

Here are our favorite Fortnite concepts:

‘Seven Nation Army’ emote recreation

You ask and you shall receive; ‘Seven Nation Army’ but only using Fortnite emote sounds! from r/FortNiteBR

Jachael’s musical recreations have been a hot topic across the FortniteBR subreddit, but this ‘Seven Nation Army’ recreation is our favorite.

The creator was able to combine the sounds from over five different emotes in order to produce a “Fortnited” rock classic.

Almost every music lover is familiar with ‘The White Stripes’ classic song, but the definitive bass-line played out of Fortnite audio clips is certainly a funny touch.

Marshmello hand drawing

Fortnite Drawing – Marshmello | please Comment your views about my Art from r/FortNiteBR

Some people are born with natural artistic abilities, and we feel that is the case with IndianArtMascot.

They posted a hand drawing of the popular DJ Marshmello which includes a dark purple gradient background.

The video is only 53 seconds long, but we are sure this piece of art took several hours. Color us impressed!

Area 51 loading screen

IMG: Ta5tyy

Loading Screens are included in the Fortnite Battle Pass as a reward for earning a certain level or completing all the weekly challenges.

One of the latest memes to float around the internet is the “Raid of Area 51” where hundreds of thousands of civilians are supposedly planning to bombard the facility looking for aliens.

Ta5tyy decided to take the joke to the next level by putting a bunch of Fortnite characters on a golf cart with an alien-like creature while the police chase them from behind.

This artistic creation is certainly a unique one, but it got a chuckle out of us.

Viper skin concept

IMG: nollobandz

Fortnite has hundreds of skins that have rotated through the daily Item Shop, and fans are still coming up with new, unique ideas.

Nollobandz posted their concept which is inspired by the Beach Bomber and Sidewinder skins with a touch of Greek mythology.

The character’s head is covered in serpent-like figures like Medusa, which would definitely creep us out in a match.

Included in the concept are a set of duel-wielding pickaxes named “TwinFangs”, with the left blade dripping in a green liquid.

Tactical AR breakdown

How the Tactical AR works! Hope you guys like it 😀 from r/FortNiteBR

Invy’s weapon breakdown animation videos are intriguing to watch for those who enjoy highly edited videos.

The creator’s animations take dozens of hours, but the end product is certainly a piece of art.

Throughout the video, the animation breaks down the weapon to show it’s internal design and structure.

Since posting, the video has gone on to earn one platinum, four gold, and five silver awards!

Do you have a concept or artistic creation you would like to share that is Fortnite-themed? Send them to our official Twitter @FortniteINTEL to be put into consideration.

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