The Fortnite v9.41 Content Update added a slew of new features to Battle Royale, which means community members will likely have some choice words for Epic Games.

Released on Tuesday, July 24, the v9.41 Fortnite Content Update is one of the last patches of Season 9 and brought a number of changes and adjustments to the popular Battle Royale title.

Most notably, the patch added the new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle which allows players to get a head-start over the competition by seeing where the next Storm will be while scoped-in.

The weapon is available in Epic and Legendary rarities and instantly became a fan-favorite among community members for its awesome features.

We have included a collection of responses from top community members regarding the Fortnite v9.41 Content Update and new Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, and will add more as they come.!


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With the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle able to detect future Storm circles, Epic Games have reportedly disabled the weapon for the Fortnite World Cup Finals which will take place in New York City, New York between July 25 and July 27.

Due to the weapon being added so late in Season 9, it is unknown how it will impact which sniper rifles will be included at the beginning of Fortnite Season 10.

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