Fortnite has detailed major changes coming to the game with its next update and it has the community excited.

Epic Games has laid out some of the changes coming to Fortnite’s next update and many of the changes are very well received.

Changes to the Hand Cannon and Stormwings are coming after many prominent members of the community complained, and in the case of HighDistortion, left the game until changes came.

As expected, Fortnite players have shown a lot of praise for these changes and rightfully so.

Many of these changes have been hot topics in the community whether it’s on Reddit or Twitter.

It’s possible the sudden emergence of Apex Legends forced Epic’s hand in making these changes.

Many Fortnite streamers have gone over to Apex as these complaints piled against Fortnite while Apex offered something new and fresh.

Fortnite will likely be able to win a large number of players back with these changes but only time will tell.

The early returns on these patch notes are overwhelmingly positive so it’s bound to have some positive effect on Fortnite.

Here’s a look at what the Fortnite community has to say about the upcoming v7.40 changes:

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