With Season 11 kicking off soon in Fortnite Battle Royale, here are all of the confirmed squads that will be competing in the North America East region of the next Fortnite Champion Series.

Introduced at the start of Season 10, the Fortnite Champions Series (FCS) made the competitive side of the game a lot more exciting for all those interested in participating.


The first running of the FCS has now all wrapped up, and with Season 11 just around the corner, Epic Games have already confirmed that the new season’s competition will be played with a squads format, as opposed to trios from the previous season.

Following that announcement, many fans have been closely monitoring NA East to see which squads are being formed, seeing as how the region is considered to be one of the most contested and stacked with talent.

That said, there have already been numerous teams confirmed by top players for the new FCS campaign, and we’ve included them all below for your convenience.

Painful, Blakeps, Tylarzz, Tetchra

One of the best NA East squads has just gotten better, as Painful, Blake, and Tylarzz have added Tetchra to the mix.

The trio finished all the way up in third place in the Season 10 FCS Grand Finals, so expect them to do well again, especially with their newest addition.

Liquid Poach, Hogman, Ghost Snood, LZR Crimz

This squad may start off with a slight disadvantage when compared to the others, as all four players are coming from four different trios that played in the previous FCS.

That said, they collectively have more than enough talent to put in strong performances, and no one will be taking them lightly.

Ghost Assault, Ghost Innocents, Keys, Slackes

Innocents and Assault have added Slackes to their Season 10 trio for the new FCS, making this a formidable squad.

They will have something to prove, of course, after failing to qualify for the final stage of the competition, and they’ll hope that the addition of Slackes, who qualified for the Grand Finals with Symfuhny and Reverse2k, will be the final piece of the puzzle.

MSF Clix, Sen HighSky, TSM Commandment, LZR Kreo

HighSky, Commandment and Kreo were a trio during Season 10, but despite their collective talent, were unable to qualify for the Grand Finals.

Much like the previous squad, they’ve added Fortnite World Cup Solos and Duos qualifiers Clix to the mix with the hope that he will push them over the top, seeing as how he finished in 7th place at the Season 10 Finals.

Ghost Thwifo, TSM Cloud, RS ClarityG, Sen Zyfa

This squad represents a coming together of players from three different trios during the Season 10 FCS – Thwifo and Cloud have left Snood, ClarityG parted ways with Bugha and Stretch, while Zyfa separated from Zayt and Saf.

All four players did make it to the Grand Finals, which would make it not much of a surprise if this team goes all the way and wins the whole thing in Season 11.

FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga, Rogue Eclipsae, Ghost Bizzle

The trio of Dubs, Megga and Eclipsae made it all the way to the Grand Finals before finishing in 17th place, a disappointment by their standards.

They’ve now recruited Bizzle, an accomplished veteran, who played with Hydra and Dmo in Season 10 but failed to get out of their heat, prompting the switch.

Liquid 72hrs, Liquid Chap, Liquid Vivid, Temp CizLucky

The talent on this squad is undeniable, which is why they’ll be one of the favorites to win the NA East region.

Vivid, Chap, and CizLucky competed as a trio last FCS, finishing in second place overall, and now they’ve added 72hrs, one of the more creative players in the region.

72hrs, of course, started Season 10 with Cloak and Tfue, but disagreements between them led to a split, which cost them the playoff spot they had qualified for early on.

TSM Zexrow, TSM MackWood, TSM Vinny1x, Calculator

A lot of eyes will be on this squad after the trio of Zexrow, MackWood, and Calculator were crowned NA East FCS champions for Season 10.

Now, they’ve added World Cup finalist Vinny1x, a powerhouse pro who competing with 100 Thieves’ Akrhram1x and Falconer last campaign, but failed to get past the semi-final round.

MSF Spades, Nittle, Smqcked, Casqer

Despite being relatively unknown, Smqcked, Nittle, and Casqer took full advantage of their opportunities last FCS to qualify for the Grand Finals, where they placed 16th.

They’ve now recruited a standout player in Spades, who himself finished in 7th place, making this squad one that nobody should take lightly.

Sen Bugha, NRG Zayt, Liquid Stretch, Ghost Saf

This may be the strongest squad of the entire region, as it can be argued that their combination of talent, experience, and past accolades is unmatched by any other team.

The roster boasts a World Cup Solos champion, two superstars who have won several events in their careers, and one of the top up-and-coming young stars, who just officially joined Team Liquid.

There are, of course, several top Fortnite names who have not yet announced their squads for the Season 11 FCS.

That list includes Tfue, Cloak, SypherPK, NICKMERCS, Nate Hill, FaZe Funk, and many others, depending on who actually decides to compete.

We will continue to update this list as more teams are confirmed, so please check back periodically!