The Marvel crossover events have opened the door to other potential movie and gaming universe crossovers. We have some ideas on what might work well with Fortnite.


While the Marvel crossover hasn’t been a complete success, it’s still nonetheless super cool to see MCU content inside of a video game.

As the EndGame event is drawing to a close, we began to think of other possible crossover events that could mesh well with the Fortnite experience. Epic has proven they can create unique modes around ideas from other universes.

Let’s hop right into it! Remember that these are our favorites, but we’d love to know some of the crossovers you would like to see. Tell us in the comments.

Lion King – Walt Disney Studios

Take your place in the circle of life – via Walt Disney Studios

Disney, the largest single producer of entertainment in the world, owns Marvel. We can guarantee that the top executives are currently following the success of the Marvel crossover for Fortnite.

If they deem the venture a profitable investment, Disney may lean heavily into crossover content for Fortnite and perhaps other games as well.

The new Lion King movie, a re-imagining of the original using modern 3D tech, will release on July 19th, 2019. It’s a few months out with a nice gap in between the Marvel crossover and its release.

We’re not saying this is confirmed to happen in anyway, but the timing would be quite nice for both Disney and Epic. Naturally, plans for this would already need to be well underway.

Of course, skins for the crossover would need to come in the form of costumes around regular characters, but that’s nothing Epic hasn’t done before. Timon in Fortnite would be a dream come true.

Assassin’s Creed – Ubisoft

Ezio Auditore da Firenze – via Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed and Ubisoft have shown a willingness to cooperate with other game studios on crossover content.

Two major examples are their limited time events in Monster Hunter World & Final Fantasy XV. Both of these games have little to do with the Assassin’s Creed universe, but nonetheless had interesting events.

If Epic & Ubisoft could work out a deal, the cosmetic options from Assassin’s Creed would be extraordinary.

The signature robe and emblem belt of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the black coat of Evie Frye, or the spartan armor of Kassandra are all great options for Epic to choose from.

The amazing aspect of AC is the variety of content that could be brought into Fortnite with a crossover. Perhaps, players could even vote for their favorite games from the series.

John Wick 3 – Summit Entertainment

I’ll kill them all – via Epic Games

The John Wick movies might be a little violent and blood soaked for the younger Fortnite players, but Epic has paid homage to the lethal hitman before.

This crossover could be very simple for Epic Games to do. Simply release a new set of challenges along with the re-release of The Reaper skin.

Newer players have gotten no chances to obtain the John Wick inspired skin in the past. While this is sort of the point of Battle Pass skins, the cosmetic is so iconic and would fit in perfectly with the May release of John Wick 3.

Naturally, some long term players would be mad at the prospect of losing their exclusivity, but they could be offered V-Bucks, additional Styles, or other treats as compensation.

Frozen 2 – Walt Disney Studios

Let It Goooooooooooooooo! – via Walt Disney Studios

We know, we know. Just hearing the mention of Frozen will get ‘Let It Go’ stuck in your head for weeks. You are welcome.

The second coming of Disney’s popular Frozen franchise also arrives later in 2019 on November 22nd. It fits the Fortnite demographic well and the story of Frozen is suitably mature for the general mood of Fortnite’s own story.

Skins and other items from the Frozen universe would fit in quite easily. The art styles of Frozen and Fortnite are extremely similar with Frozen having a bit more smoothing around the edges & more complex models (pre-rendering helps with that).

We wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if an Elsa or Anna skin became the most selling item in Fortnite history. The characters embody traits of rebellion, might, forgiveness, and love in equal measure which made them widely popular among viewers.

Look at the above image and try to tell us they don’t belong in Fortnite. You can’t. It’s impossible.

Pokémon – The Pokémon Company

Gotta catch ’em all! – via The Pokemon Company

Pokémon has had success known by very few franchises in the entertainment industry. It has captured the hearts of two generations of people and continues to grow its set of content yearly.

A new generation of Pokémon is coming with the release of the new games on Nintendo Switch. Fortnite has made Switch a key platform for gameplay and a crossover between the franchises could lead to even more players for both games.

In terms of cosmetics, we were thinking Pokémon as pets. This is because most of them are all quite small (Pikachu) and could be carried around by players during gameplay.

Some, like Machamp or Machoke, could actually have dedicated skins for the crossover event. Imagine…a Mewtwo skin in Fortnite.

Naturally, most skins would need to be based off of the humans in the series for hitbox reasons. Misty, Ash, and Brock would be among the most popular, but newer characters could also come along.

A true Pokémon event would need to be a little longer in our opinion than the EndGame event. The immense scale and longevity of the franchise warrants a longer event.