Season 8 has only just begun in Fortnite but let’s take a look into the future and talk about potential seasons that could still be on the way.

Every season of Fortnite has had some sort of theme so far so we expect that trend to continue into the future.

The theme of the season sets the tone for its duration so it’s important to pick a good one.

Season 8 takes a pirate theme and mixes it with Ninjas, essentially giving us two themes for the price of one.

There are many places Fortnite can go with future seasons so let’s dive right into some of the places.

1.Wizards and Witches

The Ice King might be the closest we’ve been to a magical event.

Games are always in need of a good Gandalf-type character and Fortnite is no different.

A season focused on the magic of wizards and witches could be interesting as it’s something Fortnite hasn’t explored and it opens up good opportunities for emotes and skins.

Obviously this has a very low chance of happening but wouldn’t it be cool to see Hogwarts in Fortnite?

2. Scary/Halloween

The Skull Trooper is a good indication of what Fortnite can do with a Halloween season.

Fortnite has already shown a willingness to add spooky skins with the Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper but we could get more than that.

We pretty much received a Halloween season with Fortnitemares but we’d like to see it expand further.

Maybe for an actual Halloween season we can cut out the zombies and add in more spooky skins.

The skins we did see towards Halloween were more up to our speed but it would have been nice to see some of them included in a Battle Pass.

3. Water Theme

A pirate ship sits at Fortnite’s Lazy Lagoon

This would have been a cool thing to see happen with Season 8 since we had all the snow.

The snow could have melted and flooded the map, which would have made sense given the pirate-theme we see now.

Planes could have still been removed but replaced with boats or something along those lines.

Of course, none of that happened but that doesn’t mean we should hold out hope it will.

4. A Better Space Season

Fortnite already gave us a season where we got space suits but it didn’t really do much with the map.

It would be cool to see more space-like locations appear such as a crashed space station or or having a place where there’s an actual shuttle.

Going one step further, we could even see locations in space itself.

The space station that one user created is a good example of how being in space could actually work. This probably isn’t likely but it’d be cool.

5. Futuristic Theme

The Driftboard is here to stay in Fortnite.

Fortnite is already on the right track with the Driftboard but it’d be better if Epic Games takes it to the next level.

Adding in things like robot skins and laser weapons could be interesting and would definitely work in Fortnite.

If you think of a futuristic setting as something like The Jetsons, complete with robots and flying cars, then you know Fortnite has the tools to get something done.

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