Epic Games has done a lot of unique things with Fortnite, but the way they produce events the community can experience together is one of their best creations.

Changing the map in dramatic ways that are built up over weeks and months is a staple of Fortnite, and one of the reasons we all keep playing the game.

Since Fortnite began, they have made a focus on the in-game events and over the seasons they have steadily improved.

The goal of this article is to rank the top five in-game Fortnite events. Obviously this is a bit subjective, but I am looking at how the event was run, the lead up to the event, the affect the event had on the map and how fun the event was to experience.

Here are Fortnite’s Top 5 in-game events at the start of Season 9:

#5 Ice King Takeover

Winter was coming for Fortnite when the Ice King’s storm first appeared off the coast of the map near Flush Factory.

This event had arguably the best build up to any individual event in the game. Polar Peak was introduced as a snow capped mountain that slowly melted away as the days ticked on. People used leaks and glitches to view parts of the castle that were still snowed in and a ball appeared over the location.

The ball broke and the Ice King was inside, he brought a winter storm that turned the whole map to ice for a short period of time. Relive the event with this video:

This event is only in fifth for a couple of reasons. To start, the actual payoff to the event was a bit underwhelming. The massive hologram Ice King was certainly cool, but it felt like the event ended quickly after weeks of build up.

Turning the map to snow was a nice touch, but the Ice King didn’t actually leave a lasting impact on the map. He also brought cube monsters back, so while the event was cool to watch and speculate on, it didn’t have a huge lasting impact.

#4 Nexus / Volcano / Voting

The most recent in-game event was also one of the more complicated ones. The build up to this event began with runes that slowly moved towards a location that turned out to be the vault.

Each one required players to do something unique to move them towards the lake. That run-up was a great way to keep the community involved up to the event.

The reason this event is only at #4 is because a lot of people couldn’t see it all. Most other Fortnite events went off without a hitch so having the event just plain not start for a reasonably wide amount of the player base is a huge knock on where it ranks in this standing.

It deserves to be included because of the effect it had on the map. Retail Row and Tilted Towers were both destroyed during the event, two of the five most well-known and popular locations on the map.

The voting aspect of the event was also unique. While the final result may not have been the communities favorite, having players vote on the weapon they wanted returned was a smart move on Epics part.

The world we were transported too was also cool and it was fun to be a part of the process that changed the meta.

#3 Kevin the Cube / Bouncy Lake

Another event with a fun run-up, Kevin the Cube moving around the map was a fun time for the game. The area nearby the cube had low gravity, leading to fun engagements with other players.

Eventually the cube reached Loot Lake and turned it into Leaky Lake by injecting the area with some magic that lifted up parts of the island. CouRage had one of the best reactions to this event:

First, it turned the whole lake purple and made it a giant trampoline. Another area that was super fun to play around at during the days it existed.

This one reaches its spot for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, it was fun. The area around the cube, the purple lake and the Leaky Lake that was created from it were all enjoyable places to play Fortnite.

Plus it was the event that centered around Kevin the Cube. I mean, the cube was so popular people actually named it and it stuck, so that says something about the popularity of this event.

#2 Marshmello Concert

This was the most fun I ever had in Fortnite. Bringing in a concert with a unique set list that you could experience in the game was absolutely ingenious.

Watching a concert while floating around in low gravity was just a fantastic video game experience for the community. This event was a testament to how Fortnite injected itself in the mainstream. Marshmello’s video of the event has been viewed nearly 40 million times:

Using that crossover with celebrity in this way to be mutually beneficial is something only Epic Games has been able to do extremely well.

This event is only at #2, because, despite the fun, it didn’t have a lasting impact on Fortnite. It began and ended and that was that, locations weren’t altered and new weapons weren’t added.

Still, for those who got to experience it, it is always front of mind when thinking about the best moments to experience in game.

#1 Rocket Launch

Way back in Season 4, a meteor had come in and destroyed Dusty Depot, one of the first major changes to the map. (The meteor event was an honorable mention on this list but didn’t quite make it.)

Now Epic had to go even bigger with their next in-game event. They chose to launch a massive rocket that zoomed around the map, jumping in and out of tears in the dimensional fabric of Fortnite.

This one deserves its high place on the rankings because of the pure spectacle of the event. In-game events were still fresh and we had no idea what was really about to go down when the event kicked off.

Watching that rocket go buck wild around the map was exhilarating. This event came at one of Fortnite’s best periods and was universally appreciated. It also had a key lasting impact as this event was the first one to introduce rifts to the Fortnite map.

Rifts have become a crucial part of the game as they were scattered around the map (just a few still exist) and then became a portable item. We were first introduced to the “in-between” with this event, a place that has been used in many events to come including the Volcano event above.

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