We are nearing the end of the fifth month of 2019 so now is a good time to look back on the best parts of the past year.

Fortnite changes quicker than just about any game in the world. Not all of those changes are positive of course, but the negative changes receive a lot more press than the positive ones do.

This article will look at the five best weapons, mechanics, items and locations added to Fortnite since the New Year began.

Some of the best decisions Epic made was removing things, but those decisions will not be considered for this list. Also, even if the addition has already been vaulted, it will still be considered for this list as long as it was first added on or after January 1st, 2019.

Turning back the clock to Season 7

The new year began about a third of the way through Season 7. The Infinity Blade had already been added and removed before Christmas, and planes had only been nerfed once at that point.

Few changes happened in the weeks leading up the new year as Epic employees took a much-deserved two week break for the holidays.

Remember the hype of this teaser?

The last weapon added to the game before 2019 was the Boom Box which came through on December 30th.

Our first added weapon of 2019 was Suppressed Sniper Rifle on January 8th which was followed by the Scoped Revolver on January 15th.

Neither of those two weapons made this list, or even the honorable mentions, but that is where the year started, let’s look at the best things Epic added around that time:

Honorable Mentions

This section is reserved for the smaller things that were cool additions but just didn’t move the needle enough to reach the top spots on the list.

Season 7 Honorable mentions:

  • Stone Lady Statue. This addition paved the way for the best love story in Fortnite to play out over the months (Added January 15th)
  • Marshmello concert. This wasn’t really an addition but was just so cool it had to be recognized (February 2nd)
  • Gliders. A fun way to move around the map and was a good way to add mobility. (Added January 15th)
  • Sneaky Snowman. It was about time the bush got a makeover. (Added January 22nd)

Season 8 honorable mentions:

  • Buried Treasure. Being able to hunt like a pirate was a fun way to add in another source of loot. (Added February 28th)
  • The Baller. It’s not quite made it onto the list due to the problems it posed for competitive play, but it is still fun to use. (Added March 12th)
If only this was disabled in competitive it would be perfect
  • Flint-Knock Pistol. A really creative gun that could be used to prevent fall damage. (Added March 20th)
  • Boom Bow. It came down to this and the Infantry Rifle for the final spot. Boom Bow lost because it is less skill intensive. (Added April 2nd)
  • Shadow Bomb. A really fun item to use that adds some interesting strategies, one of the final cuts from the list. (Added May 1st)

Season 9 honorable mentions:

  • Neo Tilted Towers, Mega Mall, Pressure Plant. All of these new POIs came with the start of the new season. While each is cool, they are arguably worse than the locations before them. (Added May 9th)
  • Combat Shotgun. The addition of the Combat Shotgun came with the removal of the Pump. At least it’s something. (Added May 9th)
  • Stone Farm. The stone statues of the man and woman are together on a farm with a baby. A beautiful end to the story. (Added May 22nd)
  • Slipstreams. Another tough cut at the end. Slipstreams are a smart way to do mobility that fits the theme for Season 9. (Added May 9th)

The top 5 additions to Fortnite in 2019

#5. Infantry Rifle – Added February 14th

The Infantry Rifle was a great example of a balanced weapon. Very powerful if used correctly, especially after Epic introduced higher rarity versions around the beginning of Season 8.

The Infantry Rifle basically provides a sniper feel on a mid-range weapon. Snipers are so often rendered obsolete during game situations and the Infantry Rifle brought the sweet feeling of hitting a head shot into a more common place in Fortnite.

#4. Volcano – Added February 28th

The only POI on this list, the Volcano was a great addition to the game. It added a nice balance to the snow biome on the other corner of the map and the surrounding jungle made for a fun location.

It played an important part in the storyline almost immediately and exploded as the Nexus event took off at the end of the season.

It also helped Epic finalize the floating mechanic used by Slipstreams in Season 9 with the vent of the volcanos acting in a similar manner to the vents placed around the map after the eruption.

IMG: FortniteInsider

#3. Cannons – Added February 28th

The beginning of Season 8 was likely the best day of the entire year for Fortnite. Not only were the planes vaulted, but we received a bunch of new mechanics and items.

Cannons were one of the best. Even though they are still buggy at times, shooting yourself out of a cannon is still a blast. You can use them as a duo or solo to get mobility and just hurl yourself through the air.

The mark of a great addition: Adds fun to the game but isn’t frustrating to use or to have used against you.

#2. Driftboards – Added February 19th

The single best vehicle Epic has ever added to the game. Driftboards are amazing. I think the best mark of how cool they are is that we had to wait over two months from their first announcement to when they became a part of the game and they still lived up to the hype.

Marty McFly meets SSX Tricky. That’s the intersection I want my games to be at. You can hit absurd trick shots, flip through the air like a mad man or just use them to rotate.

Whatever you choose to do with a Driftboard, you will probably have fun doing it.

The best vehicle in Fortnite history don’t @ me

#1. Reboot Vans – Added April 10th

You can thank Apex Legends for this one. The Reboot Van was announced at the height of Apex Legends popularity. Even though it took a while to actually get added, having the respawn mechanic in Fortnite has been crucial.

It is tough to summarize all the good things being able to respawn does for the game. It adds a lot of strategy in whether or not to thirst opponents or leave the last member of a squad.

It also keeps friends engaged in the game until it is over. No more having a friend die early in Tilted and ask you to just quit the game so they can play again.

There are next to no negatives by adding these in, and Fortnite is a better game when people are able to be respawned.

Do you agree with my list? What would you change?

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