Feels like the 14 Days of Summer just started yesterday and we’re already on Day 9 of the event! Of course, this means another unvaulted weapon, the Six Shooter, arrives in Fortnite for 24 hours.

Depending on the direction of the game, we’ve supported or criticized Epic’s decision making. The 14 Days of Summer festival certainly falls in the latter category with excellent content and cosmetics.

Some of the unvaulted weapons over the last eight days have perhaps been a little underpowered, but that’s the nature of remove weaponry. For us, today’s gun lands nicely into the middle ground.

Six Shooter unvaulted for 24 hours in Fortnite

Six Shooter unvaulted for July 3rd

It’s exciting times in Fortnite with Stranger Things teasers and 14 Days activities bringing enough content for hours of play. The hype train can be heard chugging along the tracks towards the beginnings of Season 10 and beyond.

Anyway, where were we? The Six Shooter of course! This Wild West inspired Season 6 weapon takes its place on the map once more. The gun’s among our favorites in history due to its unique dual fire modes. Let’s take a quick look through the stats of the weapon.

Six Shooters use medium ammo with higher damage potential than other Pistols. They come in three rarities: Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.

Optimal DPS for each variant clocks in between 170 to 190 damage per second. These value easily beat out other Pistols including the Silenced Pistol. As mentioned before, the Six Shooter features two firing modes. One for hip-firing and another for ADS shooting.

Shooting the weapon from the hip allows players to “fan the hammer” which gets you to the 5.0 shots per second. Firing the gun like this makes it very inaccurate, but delivers punishing damage at close range.

ADSing the weapon will lower the fire rate signicantly, but allow for targeted shots without bloom. The bloom reset for the Six Shooter is quite short compared to many other weapons in its category. It’s a solid choice for completing the ‘kills with the daily unvaulted weapon challenge‘.

Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Daily Challenge Guides

Also, if you are just getting into the 14 Days groove, Epic’s been releasing daily challenges with exclusive rewards. These challenges will disappear along with their rewards at the end of the event. We’ve constructed guides for each task, you can find them in the list below:

We’ve been enjoying the unvaulted weaponry so far. We’ve come to the conclusion that Epic should considering do similar “test runs” in the future as well. Fortnite’s meta struggles to find its footing from time to time and older weapons could help shift balance in the direction.

What do you think? Should Epic continue adding unvaulted weapons for limited amounts of time outside of events? We think it could help out in Epic’s tougher times as long as Arena Mode is left untouched.