With the Rift Beacon in Tilted Town activating on September 19 and the sudden display of a Batarang next to the Beacon, do we have all the evidence we need to confirm a Fortnite x Batman crossover?

Leakers were able to dive into the Fortnite v10.31 update to find information pointing towards a crossover event with D.C. Comic’s Batman in celebration of Batman day on September 21.

On September 18, a Rift Beacon appeared in Tilted Town leading fans to believe that the old western town would be replaced with a newly revamped POI.

About 24 hours later, the Rift Beacon activated within Tilted Town. More evidence appeared when Batman’s Batarang appeared attached to a barrel of hay next to the Beacon.

Whenever a Rift Beacon activates, the affected POI usually changes within 24 hours.

More hints towards a Fortnite x Batman crossover?

Another tip of evidence that Batman could be arriving in Fortnite follows from the most recent Borderlands crossover where fans who purchase Gearbox’s game from the Epic Store will be rewarded with the 2,000 V-Buck Psycho Bundle for free.

PC players are able to redeem six different Batman games for free from the Epic Store until September 26.

Is Epic slowly introducing us to the caped crusader?

With Epic offering six different Batman games to fans, it could be a slick way to get fans hyped for the crossover and Batman day.

We will keep you updated with any information regarding the potential Fortnite x Batman crossover event!