With the release of the V6.31 Fortnite update, Epic Games has also brought back a fan favorite LTM, High Explosives.

You won’t find any Assault Rifles, Shotguns, or SMGs in this game mode. High Explosives is all about the boom, meaning you will be looting up on Rocket Launchers, Quad Launchers, Grenade Launchers, and Dynamite.

Since this game mode uses a different weapon set you can expect games to play a little differently. Luckily, a YouTuber who goes by Geerzy, gives some great tips on how to win games in High Explosives.

His first tip is how to deal with campers that hide in 1x1s. Building a 1×1 is one of the most common and easy ways to defend yourself in Fortnite.

Credit: Geerzy

In High Explosives, Geerzy recommends having two Rocket Launchers and firing them back to back at the top floor of the tower.

“The first [Rocket] will blow up the first few defenses and the second one will hit the backboard, damaging your opponent,” Geerzy says.

This strategy works because your opponent will have very little time to react to the first shot almost guaranteeing they take damage from the second shot.

The second tip involves defending yourself or as Geerzy puts it “Turtle Safely”.

“Since explosives do spread damage there’s no need to add extra layers,” Geerzy explains. “All you’re doing is wasting materials.”

The best way to protect yourself from explosive spam, as Geerzy explains, is to look at the ground and place a pyramid directly over yourself.

Credit: Geerzy

This way you can keep providing yourself cover and your opponents will have a hard time dealing damage to you.

The final tip that Geerzy gives in his tutorial is the best loadout to win High Explosives.

For Geerzy, the best loadout consists of three Rocket Launchers, followed by a Quad Launcher, and finally one healing item such as Shields or a Med Kit.

This allows you to use multiple rockets for the strategy presented in the first tip, while also having a remainder in case you get attacked from somewhere else.

The Quad Launcher is great for close encounters as its hitbox isn’t too big and you can fire it inside your own builds without damaging yourself.

You can watch Geerzy’s full video below:

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