This shouldn’t need to be said. The mech is broken and needs to be removed from the game or at least nerfed heavily.

But after Epic Games doubled down on keeping the mech in the game in a recent competitive update, streamers are beginning to get more and more fed up with the game.

Also, to the people who send us pages full of DMs asking for the mech to be removed, we are just as powerless as you are and want nothing more than to stop writing about the mech every day.

But this is Fortnite as it stands right now, the mech is the biggest story in the game and we will keep covering it until Epic comes to its senses.

In today’s edition of Why the mech is obviously broken we have a great clip from Timthetatman wiping a squad with ease while playing with one hand.

“It’s just so sad, it really is so sad”. Epic, is this what you wanted for your game? 2 weeks into this season, I’m not even mad anymore.. just dissapointed. from r/FortniteCompetitive

This just isn’t a good look for Fortnite. It shouldn’t be nearly that easy to take down a whole team that can’t even begin to counter the mech.

Plus it isn’t fun for the players. At the end of the day, the amount of kills is only enjoyable given the difficulty of getting them. Tim just walked into his 13 kills and doesn’t even feel good about it.

If the players using the mech don’t enjoy walking into kills and the players getting taken down don’t feel like they have a fair shot, who is the mech even for?

It will be interesting to see if any changes come to the mech in the next update, but we aren’t holding out breath.

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