Popular personalities tend to hop on alternate accounts while playing Fortnite in order to play with random players online, but Tim ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar took it to another level.

Tim was streaming random duos on April 3 with an alt account, attempting to play with a few entertaining Fortnite fans.


He teamed up with a young fan named Brady, bradyzlol, and actually wound up playing several games with the boy.

Brady also streams on Twitch, and noticed that Tim’s fans were going to his channel.

As fans began to flood into his channel, Brady collected $500 in donations, which he told Tim he wanted to use towards a new computer.

That is when he hopped in and decided to truly make Brady’s day with, “You’re a good kid, here’s the thing too, you’re a really nice kid. You’re very respectful. I think you got like $500 there, so maybe we can get you a $1000 computer or something like that.”

Tim confirmed with Brady that, “I’m going to want to talk to your dad in like DMs to help you get a new computer.”

A little later in the day, Brady shared an emotional video on Twitter talking about his day with Tim.

“TimTheTatMan, I got into a random duo with him. He just kept talking, it escalated and it kept getting better and better. It just led to him buying me a new computer.”

Brady’s video has gained over a million views, and has since been followed on Twitter by Tim, Jordan Fisher, and NZXT.

Twitch can be a nasty place filled with trolls and people who love to get negative reactions from streamers, so it is refreshing to see a heartwarming moment like this thanks to TimTheTatMan.