While some Twitch bans can last months, TimTheTatMan might have received the shortest ban in Twitch history.

In the current state of Twitch, it is sometimes difficult to decipher why a popular streamer or content creator has been banned by the platform, due to very few statements ever being released.


This is the case with TimTheTatMan – one of the most popular streamers on the platform – who was apparently banned on Friday, September 20.

TimTheTatMan is mainly known for his on-steam Fortnite escapades alongside the likes of CouRage, Ninja, and DrLupo, and runs a pretty tight ship in terms of remaining in-line with Twitch policy.

However, when viewers attempted to reach his channel, they were greeted with the typical “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable” that banned channels have on display.

What viewers saw when they attempted to reach TimTheTatMans channel on September 20

The decision was eventually reversed in record time, but fans on Twitter caught the apparent ban and began bombarding Twitch with questions regarding why it took place.

At the time of writing, there is still no actual reasoning behind why he was banned in the first place by Twitch.

Some users have speculated that it might have to do with accidentally streaming copyrighted material, but this is not confirmed.

All in all, it could honestly just be a mistake by Twitch that just so happened to involve TimTheTatMan, but we may never know.

Now that hes back, be sure to check out TimTheTatMan on his official Twitch channel.

Writer and reporter for Dexerto.com and FortniteINTEL.com.