Fortnite’s largest city has been totally leveled, but could it come back better than ever?

Sometimes cities being leveled allows them to rebuild from the ground up, and that could be the same for Tilted.

Fortnite content creator MacMacSok redesigned Tilted to bring the city into the modern age.

No details were spared in the making of the city and it features rooftop gardens, helicopter pads, even light up markings on the road.

This transition takes Tilted from an older industrial city into one resembling the richest cities in the world like Tokyo and Dubai.

The rent prices would at least triple.

The map is available as a creative island under the name “Modern Towers” with the code 3826-3947-7963.

There are a bunch of other cool and unique features hidden within the map that aren’t shown on the short Instagram video above, so it is definitely worth exploring.

Outside of The Block, Fortnite hasn’t incorporated user suggestions into other aspects of the map (as far as I know) but this one would be an awesome addition to the game.

Eventually Fortnite will have to replace Tilted with something else and a rebuilt future timeline would fit into what seems to be the theme of Season 9 and would bring Tilted back to its former glory.

Is this something you want to see Fortnite add into the game? I would love for a more modern take on the current Fortnite map.

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