The construction that has been occurring at a site in Tilted Towers has finally come to completion.

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It seems that the building now has a large fish plaque on the wall, is covered in the same balloons we saw during the birthday event, and now has finished walls and floors.

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Prior to Patch v5.40, this area of Tilted Towers had a large hole in the floor, allowing you to go under the construction site – it also had lots of construction equipment; including cranes, platforms and lots of un-built areas of the building.

Thankfully, this area is now finished and players can start to feel more isolated inside – we don’t know exactly where all the chest areas are yet in this building, but feel free to hop into Playgrounds and see for yourself!

Other things we noticed are that there is a bicycle sign on the stairs leading to the bottom floor, and there are 3 or 4 stories to the building, including one under the building.

Either way, you can now explore this area in Tilted Towers if you login after downloading Patch v5.40. What do you think? Were you expecting a much smaller or larger building?

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