Fortnite Season 2 is bringing us new items. Data miners found a Disguise Kit, Security Plans, and a Proximity Mine in the game files.

It’s still early, but the indication is that Epic won’t be following their Season 1 gameplan in Fortnite Season 2.


Chapter 2 Season 1 was incredibly long and brought few changes to the game. Less than a week after the Season 2 patch, and we already have some information about future updates.

Fortnite data miner @Hypex has revealed that Epic had already tested v12.10 and v12.20 upon the release of Season 2, meaning that the first couple of updates are closer than we may have thought.

Data miners also found three new items in the game files: a Disguise Kit, Proximity Mine, and Security Plans. All of this suggests that new items will be coming to Fortnite within the next couple of weeks.

Here’s what we know about all of the leaked Fortnite items so far. We could be getting one of these as early as Thursday.

Disguise Kit

Via: @iFireMonkey

The Disguise Kit appears to be the Season 2 version of the Harpoon Gun. The Harpoon Gun was added shortly after Chapter 2 began and made a new mechanic, fishing, a whole lot easier.

In this case, though, it will make disguising yourself easier. You won’t have to run around, looking for a phone booth to disguise yourself. You’ll be able to hide from henchmen on the go while opening some of the locked doors.

This item will be particularly helpful in some of the hidden bases around the map. The unnamed hideouts aren’t equipped with phone booths, which means you have to carry henchmen around if you want to unlock any of the chests and doors.

Proximity Mine

Fortnite Season 2 seems to be focusing on bringing explosives back to the game. C4 is, and always has been, incredibly strong when it’s in the right hands.

It appears as though Epic’s bringing a new explosive to the game with one of their upcoming patches. The Proximity Mine is exactly what it sounds like, although we don’t have damage numbers for it just yet.

It will be interesting to see how players use this new explosive. Port-a-potty teleportation is going to be a lot riskier once this bad boy comes to Fortnite.

Security Plans

Out of all of the leaked items, this one is probably the vaguest. According to @Lucas7Yoshi, this item is listed as ammo in the game files.

My best guess is that this item will give players a permanent layout of a particular area – the same effect as shaking down one of the NPC Henchmen. We’ll also likely get this item first, as it relates to the upcoming Brutus Faction Mission.

So, there you have it. Whether these items excite you or not, it’s fantastic to know that Epic will be back to their old ways of constantly updating Fortnite. Now, all we need are some patch notes.

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