Steampunk themes are quite popular in games and books, but the genre can be hard to accurately design. This concept, however, hits the art style dead on.

If you’ve never seen Steampunk art or games, you may confused as to why it has this name and where it comes from.

Steampunk is considered a ‘subgenre’ of science-fiction that draws heavily on elements of the Industrial Revolution and steam power (See Dishonored 1/2, Bioshock Infinite for examples in games).

Steampunk novels often also feature dystopian worlds with dark grays, smoggy environments, and oppressive governmental regimes.

The intrigue of these works makes them very popular and it’s quite the surprise that Fortnite hasn’t seen any steampunk skins in the past. This concept wants to change that.

Utility & Style All Rolled into One

Steampunk outfits are always about two things: Style and Utility. Both are an absolute must for any charming adventurer or hero to be.

Reddit concept designer ‘Recade15’ has created a Fortnite skin concept that perfectly models both these aesthetics.

“Steamworks” Part of the Clocks & Cogs set (My Fortnite Skin Concept) from r/FortNiteBR

The outfit rocks the typical goggles seen by many steampunk heroes and equips several belts to carry important bits and bolts.

The Back Bling shows off some of the character’s steampunk mechanical engineering with a pair of manufactured wings.

Steampunk creations often involve the creation of mechanical contraptions using the means available during the 19th century. The wings seem to be made out of a mix of cloth/leather with bronze or copper piping.

The skin would be part of a wider “Steampunk” set that would potentially include a female counterpart to Steamworks. Presumably, the female version would include the patented corset of steampunk style or perhaps don a 19th century long-coat.

We really like the idea of a wider steampunk narrative. Perhaps a few more skins to serve as villains to our new heroes. Or perhaps Steamworks is the villain?

What do you think of this new Fortnite skin concept? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or head to our Twitter at

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