This mechanic may save your life if your structure breaks beneath you. Here’s how to avoid fall damage in Fortnite.

Dying to fall damage is one of the more frustrating ways to go out in Fortnite. The likes of Myth and TimTheTatMan can tell you all about that.


We’ve seen a couple of glitches in Fortnite Chapter 2 that allow you to avoid fall damage, but these aren’t overly practical. You have to think ahead to run through a bush and not jump until you fall.

There is a strategy, however, that you can implement to help limit the amount of fall damage you take. Ryuzanami posted a video to YouTube and Reddit covering the method.

fortnite bush fall damage exploit

The trick revolves around the mechanics of structures breaking in Fortnite. You’ve likely seen this in creative mode. The structure starts to break from the final piece that connects it to the ground. If you shoot or otherwise destroy another disconnected piece, the structure will fall from multiple directions.

You can’t build when a structure is falling, but you can edit. Editing a piece will automatically destroy it if the structure is going down.

With this in mind, if you edit a structure that’s in the process of falling, it will start to break from the top. From there, you’ll gradually land on broken pieces, allowing you to get closer to the ground and save yourself.

This is an exceptional strategy if your opponent is knocking you down. There aren’t any items if Fortnite Chapter 2 that save you from fall damage, so the alternative is to accept your fate and fall to your death.

All you have to do is edit something on which you’re standing. You’ll gradually fall and will usually be able to save yourself from fatal damage.

Get in there and implement what you’ve learned!

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