After you hit a Victory Royale you usually celebrate, maybe take a quick snapchat, then start up another game. 

But wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to take your previous victory and show it off in your next game?

That’s what inspired Reddit user 8bitmemes to come up with the Royale Jonesy concept.

Wrote this idea down while I had the flu. Came back today and realized sick me actually had a good idea! from FortNiteBR

We’ve all had fever dreams while sick where we think we’ve hit the next great idea.

Usually, they are just bacteria fueled hallucinations but this is actually a really solid idea.

There are multiple benefits to it. First, Epic isn’t giving away a free skin they would just be adapting the default into something much cooler.

Second, it would be awesome to rock the outfit as a squad and revel in the previous win with your friends.

Third, it would be a great way to bring a previous win into the next game. Right now the feeling is just a great win, then goes back to zero quickly. A concept like this would keep the win fresh in your mind as the game went on.

8bitmemes suggests the skin would come as part of a BattlePass but I think it would be great if the default skin just changed to this one after a win.

It would be a reward after all and players might feel weird about spending V-Bucks on a skin that is still locked most of the time.

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