South of Pleasant Park is a bunch of telephone poles by the gas station. 

Normally just traveled through as players rotate from the Lake, Pleasant or Polar Peak, these poles are often overlooked.

Being overlooked is the crux of this strategy created by /u/TooTurntTrappin.

By using the Sledgehammer skin, a player standing on top of the poles becomes virtually invisible to people walking by.

TooTurntTrappin’s squadmate Mikerosoft99x uploaded a hilarious video with edits as they put the plan into action.

They were definitely skeptical as their plan was put into action when a squad approached, but it does seem like they totally overlooked the three Sledgehammers standing atop three different poles.

It wasn’t until the third or fourth shot that the people finally figured out where they came from.

Use this strategy with the new suppressed sniper rifle and watch the kills rack up as your enemies become more and more confused.

On the flip side, this strategy racked up a score over 5,000 on Reddit so be aware of people using this strategy as you pass through the area.

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