The mouse vs. controller divide is a contentious one to say the least. While controllers do get aim assist, they are put in other disadvantageous positions. This concept could help mitigate the controller’s downsides.

One of the most divisive debates of the competitive Fortnite community is the controller vs. mouse/keyboard issue.

The controller grants players aim assist (which can still be exploited at times by spamming LT/L2) while the mouse gives you greater accuracy overall and keyboards grants more buttons/keys.

While aim assist is a hot topic, most players tend to agree that the ‘KB&M’ players take the advantage. This new concept could help controllers better compete with keyboard players.

Controller Item Swap Keybinds

That feeling when you forget to rearrange your items before the fight

Swapping between items on a controller in Fortnite requires that players cycle through each item individually. Depending on the controller layout, this is done by either pressing Y/Triangle or L1-R1/LB-RB.

PC players who use a keyboard can set each weapon or item in their inventory to a specific key. For example, a player might like to have their weapons be assigned to 1, 2, 3, Shift, and Ctrl.

Console players don’t get this option, but a community concept from u/NJ2244 would grant controller players more control over their button binds.

Controller layout concept that removes cycling through your inventory and adds key binds from r/FortNiteBR

With this addition, controller players would be able to switch between weapons and items with single button presses. While the image shows “L1 Hold” as an option, players could assign any button to these slots.

Of course, this would require some getting used to for players and it should be an option for those want it.

If you don’t play on a controller, here’s the problem with the current system. When a player has a weapon equipped, they must press the L1 or R1 button to switch to the next weapon just like any PC player would press their keys.

The issue comes in when you need to get something that is two button presses away. You will need to cycle over an unwanted item which can mean your death in a fast-paced fight.

The concept is a small ask and Epic Games shouldn’t have too much of a problem with adding this into the game. Controllers will always be at a disadvantage against keyboard/mouse players, but this can help bridge the gap a little bit.

Some have argued that the PC and console scenes of Fortnite esports should be separated due to performance and input device differences. It’s not a bad idea and other games have done similar things in the past.

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