After jumping from the Battle Bus, players are finding that they can’t dive straight down to the map.

Instead they spend about a second or two floating slowly before transitioning back to the head first dive.

This puts them at an extreme disadvantage as anyone who didn’t experience the bug first will land before them and often be able to get a quick kill as the player scrambles to find loot.

The bug appears to be tied to the auto-run toggle and happens when players have auto-run on.

In this collection of clips, it happens to CouRage, Ninja, and Tfue multiple times.

CouRage says “that might be the worst bug that has ever been in Fortnite.” That’s truly saying something as Fortnite has had some pretty game breaking bugs.

Every weapon that makes you move in some way has been bugged at some point, including the grappler, rifts, ziplines, and driftboards.

But this bug is different because it happens directly at the start of a game and puts you at a severe disadvantage immediately.

Some players have even begun just leaving games immediately after experiencing the glitch to save themselves from being taken down after landing.

On Fortnite’s Trello Board where they detail all known bugs and their priority, this bug isn’t explicitly stated. However, at the bottom of the priority list, there is a bug that says “auto-run not working as intended.”

That may be a reference to this bug and it may not be. As long as high-profile names like the ones in the video keep voicing their frustrations, this bug should be higher on the priority list soon.

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