You’ll feel an immense level of nostalgia while looking through this amazing MW2 ‘Rust’ remake in Fortnite Creative mode.

Whether you played Modern Warfare 2 during its heyday or not, there is a good chance you know about the legend of ‘Rust.’

The map became an icon within the gaming world and has been remade in almost every game where a ‘Creative-like’ mode is available.

Now that Fortnite Creative is available for all players, ‘Team Creativity’ devised a perfect reimage of Rust which includes all of the necessary map features, a Call of Duty-style loading screen, and more.

Dubbed as ‘Risky Rust,’ the full video from Team Creativity can be viewed below, which pays homage to the original map in a great way.

Although Epic Games will be choosing a number of fan-made creations to be featured on ‘The Block,’ we will likely never see ‘Risky Rust’ make an appearance, due to its association with Call of Duty.

Fortnite fans and community members continue to make a collection of in-game adaptations from popular video games, television shows, and other forms of media. We’ll be sure to share some of our favorites as Season 7 continues!