Everyone who plays Fortnite has their favorite places to land.

Whether it is where they got their first kill or where the chests always seem to treat them right, there is some reason to land at the place you do.

For all the landing spots that people love, there are just as many that some players wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Generally the corners of the map don’t get much love but Epic has addressed that by revamping each corner every season.

This map by bakpakbear cuts away the names to show what players can really expect when they land at Fortnite’s various landing spots.

Updated Guide to Drop Locations from r/FortNiteBR

There are a lot of gems in this map but here are some of our favorites.

Pleasant Park: “Either empty or a massacre.” It’s a funny moment when you take a 360 coming down on pleasant and see that most of the houses have someone coming down on them.

The Block: “Cool concept probably won’t drop here.” Unfortunately loot problems have plagued The Block. Awesome creations are cool but if there are no weapons no one will land there. The worst part is the loot is the only thing the creators don’t control, Epic does chest and floor spawns for each design.

Risky Reels: “This isn’t Risky.” Confused why so many maps are appearing with Risky Reels when the actual map doesn’t have it marked? We broke it down here.

Frozen Greasy Grove: “Watch me emote as I slide across.” The once famous landing spot is now just a massive ice rink with just hints of the rooftops poking out from the ice.

What’s your favorite description on the map? Any you don’t agree with?

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