Fortnite is all about the loot and this tip uses the Junk Rift to help you get access to some of the best loot possible.

Grabbing Supply Drops is often a crucial step on the path to a Victory Royale and now players can use Junk Rifts to grab them with ease.


Supply Drops are balanced because they provide a ton of loot, but they are announced through a horn when they appear and then slowly float down to a spot marked with blue smoke.

That means that once a drop actually reaches the ground, there is often a person underneath or multiple people watching the spot from a distance.

But the Junk Rift changes that, now if you come across some blue smoke all you have to do is throw a Junk Rift down and the object that falls from the sky will bring the crate along with it.

It’s a super simple strategy but one that is super helpful for players of all skill levels. This tip was demonstrated by jakx102 on Reddit.

LPT: You can throw a junk rift where a supply drop is scheduled to land and it will instant drop from r/FortNiteBR

A lot of the tips that come out of the Fortnite community are new build strats that can be really tough to pull off or are just not necessary to learn for the vast majority of players.

This is a great tip because it is super easy to do and is a situation a lot of players will naturally come across if they play a couple of games.

While this strategy is best used when a drop has just started falling and there likely isn’t anyone around, it can also work by destroying someone who has built a structure around the smoke. This will bring the supply drop down and destroy the structure in one quick move.

The versatility of this strategy definitely increases the value of the Junk Rift when looting, but you can absolutely replace it with something gained from the Supply Drop after it breaks open.

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