People are getting desperate looking for new hints as to the next changes in the map. 

Since Christmas turned all of Fortnite into a winter wonderland, the map has gone pretty quiet.

This downtime has led to a lot of speculation over what is coming up next, and some fans are going full conspiracy theory with it.

This hilarious post by HobleyBobley shines of a tinfoil cap.

Theory About Melting of Snow from FortNiteBR

Much like “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s” fixation on the number 42, this post revolves around 62.

62 days into Season 7 is February 6th, if using a non-American style calendar that is written as 6/2. (In America it would be 2/6 but we’re gonna ignore that)

Bring that to the 62nd tier and we see some possible clues towards snowmelt.

According to the surely reputable website, there was a 34m wave that was recorded by the USS Ramapo in a hurricane in the North Pacific on February 6th, 1933.

It is no longer the highest recorded non-tsunami wave but was at that time.

What do you think about this theory? If HobleyBobley is right, we may need them to advance to some next level conspiracies.

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