A lot of Fortnite concepts are just cool designs, but some of the best are ones that reward the player for skill. 

Much like the Royale Jonesy concept we wrote about last week, this gold weapon wrap concept is tied to succeeding in the game.

Created by -sonicoss-, this wrap would be awarded to players when they reached 1,000 kills with a certain weapon type.

the golden wrap, a long term reward by getting a certain amount of kills with a gun type, (NOTE: its free) from FortNiteBR

These are the kind of rewards the Call of Duty uses to keep people grinding the game and could be fun in Fortnite as well.

Right now, most of Fortnite’s challenges are relatively quick to complete. There are few long term challenges and adding a couple might be good for the game.

With the rate that weapons get moved to the vault, this wrap would have to extend to all weapons of a certain type.

Even then, this could pose a problem when a gun like the Drum Gun comes up. Players working to get a golden Drum Gun would be rightfully annoyed if the gun just disappeared, and their work did too.

This could be easily fixed by adding the Drum Gun to one of the other categories, but it may be annoying for Epic to always have to consider which category an experimental new gun fits in.

The main weapons would be Shotguns, ARs, SMGs, Snipers, Explosives, and Pistols.

You could even extend the category to pickaxes and vehicles. Personally, I am not about to go land in the same spot as someone with a golden pickaxe.

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