A new glitch has been discovered that allows people to faze through an opponents wall by using a series of moves.

Full disclosure, this exploit will almost certainly be patched in the next update.

Before it is patched, it will still take a player a bit of practice to pull off the necessary steps and actually use this in-game.

To do the glitch, a player has to place a pyramid next to an opponents 1×1. Then they have to edit the pyramid into a cone with the point at the bottom and the top connecting to the corner of the 1×1 they want to go through.

After that, the player has to place a floor on top of the cone, crouch walk up the ramp to the top corner and hit it twice with a pickaxe. On the second hit, the player will phase through to the inside of the structure.

The glitch was found by Reddit user NotSebik and he demonstrated the exploit here:

How to phase into somebodies 1×1 from the side 🙂 from FortniteCompetitive

While this does seem tough to pull off in live action, and the opponent could edit the wall at any point and make this useless, it could still provide an advantage.

If the opponent’s plan is to wait until the pickaxe breaks the wall down completely, the player coming through early could catch them off guard.

Even when they do phase through, the player will then have to adjust and pull out their gun. The opponent waiting on the inside should be prepared for the person attacking their wall with a pickaxe balancing out the advantage of phasing through early.

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